Sunday, November 20, 2005

Another Pete Hater Weighs In!

Today, my Pete-Hating blog got its first response from the World of Pete. It comes from an anonymous writer who left the following comment at the end of "Who Is This Shrew Who Is Stalking Pete's Posts?"

Thanks for the publicicty - even bad publicity with all it's untruths is publicity-hell it worked for Marilyn Manson... keep 'em rolling baby..


p.s. you got it all wrong and that makes both of us look bad-not to mention it is very bad journalism- kind of like the you need to earn yourself a first-person interview before you really embarrass yourself..further...

Wow, the first thing I have to wonder is, how did "not-PEG" discover this blog so quickly? It has been online less than a day. I did email a link to Pete himself, because I hear he enjoys mild abuse, but this person does not come across as Pete-ish. Could it be Bizarro Pete?

I am also told that I "got it all wrong," but there is no hint of what "it" might be. My first guess is that my assumptions about PEG (Pete's Ex-Girlfriend) are amiss, but I was only going on what Pete posted in his blog -- something about "a woman who dumped me and then hooked up with an ex-con" (paraphrased).

Very enigmatic. Even more enigmatic is the implication that I might be able to earn myself a first-person interview. That would be too exciting. I might just Glick out.

As for bad, Enquirer-like journalism, I am sorry. But remember, this is a blog, where everything goes, and factual verification is for sissies. My entire blog is based on what is written in Pete's blog and PEG's blog. If there are other documents out there that will tell the full story, I hereby file a FIAPPL (Freedom of Information About Pete's Personal Life) form, which I expect Pete and PEG to respond to in a timely manner.